Thursday, August 11, 2011

august 7 / rijeka

this is where people go to be murdered.
bathrooms outside, showers too.

chaos outside my door.
i yell, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" from bed.
it works.
i surprise myself and laugh out loud.

the mattress creaks and caves - all lumps.
(is there a body inside? i read about that happening once as a kid)

mechanical dreams - the city is rotating, turning over like a machine. careful not to fall through the grating.

there's mold under the sink - the smell hits me in the face.
i use my hair scissors to cut out the parts of the sheet that look dirty.

6am battle with a mosquito.
a man yells aggressively in a language i can't understand. a door slams.
is it 10 yet? how about now?
and now?

being an asshole is called 'the answer' - i call that the problem...

the people feed us.
thank you all.

a group of girls present an offering wrapped in a charcoal man.

i cut away the parts of the sheet that look dirty.

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