Friday, October 24, 2008

looking for some sunday afteroon excitement?

WHAT: dance party - you don't have to "know how to dance" - bring your sweet moves of any and all kinds (yes - even those step touches)

WHERE: in front of panache (the clothing store with white pillars on the west side of the street) - 225 Broadway E, Seattle, WA
if we're asked to leave, we'll move to another storefront on broadway. so, if you show up and we're not there, look down the street - i'm thinking we'll be hard to miss.

WHEN: this sunday, october 25th 4-5pm (come for any portion)
for anyone interested in pre-lubrication for said task, meet us at down the street at charlie's (in the back) beforehand. we'll be there from 3-4pm

DRESS: as you wish

WHO: anyone! everyone!! your babies and your grandparents! spread the word!

so you are fully informed: it will be photographed by the amazing bruce tom

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

unintentional experiment no. 1


due to my car sharing and grocery needs, i went shopping at 7am this morning. i can not even begin to describe the surreality of the experience.

Monday, October 20, 2008

the passage of time is relative - scientifically!!!

the fabric of the cosmos by brian greene is BLOWING MY MIND (thank you willy!) - and taking a very long time to read as i can't get more then a few pages without risking explosion. did you know that the speed of an object's motion through time and space must equal the speed of light when combined? meaning: because stationary objects aren't moving through space, they are devoting all of their motion to moving through time - they are moving through time at the speed of light. this also means that objects moving through space are moving proportionately slower through time. so when you are plummeting through space on an airplane, you are actually moving through time at a slower rate then when you are on the ground. at great speeds, this can even be measured using a stop watch. something moving extremely fast will experience the passage of time at a slower rate then something that is stationary.

i'm not usually one for exclamation points, but: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

from an alley and a kitchen

i dropped my camera on the street. at least the sound still works...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

and the interviews continue...

okay. so first off, i can't decide whether or not 4 in one day was a good or bad idea. i got through 3 pretty well (two hours of intently listening, probing, and typing each), but i was so dead during the last that i was actually struggling to keep my eyes open - which was far from out of boredom, i must emphasize. from that perspective, it was a bad idea indeed. but! because i was so exhausted, it forced me to stop typing and just be with the person. look at them. treat it more like a conversation. it was so much more intimate and beautiful (and without typing sounds cluttering the recording). granted, i was at this person's home vs. yet another of seattle's social experiments via coffee, which certainly led to the intimacy and sleep-inviting qualities. still, i was given access to something new through the inundation.

as for the interviews - i am loving every part of the process and what it's yielding so much more then i could have anticipated. i started off on this tangent because it "felt like the right thing to do," not because i had some master plan as to how i would use all of this collected information or why i was even collecting it. after 6 interviews (and counting), i sat down to compile the audio and ended up spending another few hours listening back to portions of each interview. they are so magical! each sound environment, unique - each person, incredibly unique and poetic and real. so real! so real and honest and ordinary, really. so ordinary, so "every day" that they're just the opposite. these experiences, these recordings, these captured moments in time, have become my little treasures.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Audiot Sonicariffic

But seriously you guys -
I'm interested in ways the audio design/production can interface with the other aspects of this thing.

I'm not in the loop yet as the audio and music portion hasn't kicked off, but if anybody wants to discuss ideas, ask technical questions, or otherwise "throw down", drop me a line.

Paurl's Top Ten Influences

1 - Coconuts
2 - David Bowie

Monday, October 13, 2008

talking and recording galore

i needed a break, so i took a break. it helps not to pretend i had a choice in the matter.

i'm back now...

...and researching my theory of "travel personas" by interviewing people who travel frequently for a variety of reasons and durations. the first occurred at six arms friday afternoon - i typed like mad as the yamaha pocketrak filed our voices away. today, i have four scattered amongst coffee shops throughout the city. i'm curious to see what inundating myself with the questions, the coffee shops, and the process of interviewing will yield. it carries promises of polarity - it's either a very good, or a very bad idea.

three. two. one. go.