Monday, August 31, 2009

a still a day

'Foot Machine' by Amanda Moore and Wyatt Carroll inspired by Fritz Kahn
From today until our premiere I'll be posting a still from the animations. The Foot Machine artwork along with puppets from the filming can be seen at Victrola on Pike through September

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


22 days until the show opens.

the poster has been printed and is going up around town this week! have mercy on paurl and my non-designer design...

at 8 this morning, i met with sean waple to start hashing out the program design. he's so incredible...i'm really excited to see where he takes it.

currently, i'm trying to keep the peace and make everyone happy, round up the FOUR auxiliary projectors we're going to need, find a video technician, and finish writing the 6 minute orchestral overture for the beginning animation.

Monday, August 24, 2009

stress and screens

today has been an incredibly overwhelming day in the land of bridging wounds. we had poster making/printing drama, projections/screen drama, set building drama, technical quandry overload drama.........

though, there is greatness amongst all the stress:

ezra and i had a very productive rehearsal at the film forum this afternoon, paurl and i are now commencing an all night technical mapping, music mapping, recording session, and jamie just sent me these pictures of one of the screens...

the show is in 24 days...............................

Sunday, August 23, 2009

girl or teen?

today i got a call from amanda asking if in the beginning animation sequence the girl should be a girl or a teenager - meaning, should her silhouette have boobs?

i said yes. she should.

i live a life where i get calls about whether or not the girl in the animation should have boobs. um, pretty much the greatest thing ever.

experience experiment at sounds outside 7.25.09


assembling the post-its wall

slow walk by ezra dickinson - costume by tilla kuenzli

the sign says it all...