Tuesday, November 25, 2008

some design-y things i enjoy as of late:


julia said...

thanks for posting these, they were fun to look at. i especially liked the tiny people!

paris said...

yeah! i love the perspective that one gives. i think human brains have difficulty truly understanding sizes very great or small. we are used to being tiny compared to a skyscraper, but not our living room furniture - imagining my perspective at that tiny size helps me grasp my normal sized self's relationship to something even bigger.

and thanks for sharing uta barth with me! i really like her thoughts about perspective and how/why she ensures a person is not the implied subject matter of her work. as i write the stories for this project (my first real stab at writing stories at all...), it's great to pull from her thoughts about how a character can be known and understood visually without ever seeing or hearing the actual person.