Friday, December 5, 2008

i'm a terrible "blogger"

i'm trying to be better about posting frequently as i realize it's the reason anyone would check back - to see what's new - but this project majorly ebbs and flows, and my "blogging" has a hard time deviating...

the animation party we had a couple weeks ago was great. amanda's light box ain't workin' right now, so we're hoping we still like what came out of it once it's in motion...and if so, we're going to start having them regularly. anyone up for drawing tiny hatch marks with a charcoal pencil?

two pieces of exciting news:

1 - we now have a through line and a general shape!! amanda, the genius, magically, wonderfully, and so simply wrapped all of my seemingly disparate elements into a package. those epiphanal moments are always so incredible and often make me laughcry - it had been staring me in the face the whole time even down to how i'd organized my notes and drawings. geez and great!

2 - we have decided to revamp our timeline pushing our premiere back to fall 2009 and it feels great!

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