Saturday, November 1, 2008

communal experience experiment no. 1 - dance party

sunday, october 26
in front of panache on broadway - seattle

we are so pleased with our findings! it created a new experience for participants and observers that brought a lot of smiles, conversation, and thought. it seems there is something about dancing - non-choreographed, non-dancer dancing - that allows people to access something very basic and human, dissipating all of the false external layers we put on everything (appearance, power, status, intellect, money...). us going there without censorship - happily dancing like fools on the sidewalk - seemed to allow people walking by to grasp a bit of that and take it with them.

to see bruce tom's complete photo documentation of the hour, go to:


Anonymous said...

one question: how is paurl not hung over and able to move about so much on a sunday morning?

julia said...

you hair is amazing, you look stunning!