Friday, October 24, 2008

looking for some sunday afteroon excitement?

WHAT: dance party - you don't have to "know how to dance" - bring your sweet moves of any and all kinds (yes - even those step touches)

WHERE: in front of panache (the clothing store with white pillars on the west side of the street) - 225 Broadway E, Seattle, WA
if we're asked to leave, we'll move to another storefront on broadway. so, if you show up and we're not there, look down the street - i'm thinking we'll be hard to miss.

WHEN: this sunday, october 25th 4-5pm (come for any portion)
for anyone interested in pre-lubrication for said task, meet us at down the street at charlie's (in the back) beforehand. we'll be there from 3-4pm

DRESS: as you wish

WHO: anyone! everyone!! your babies and your grandparents! spread the word!

so you are fully informed: it will be photographed by the amazing bruce tom

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