Monday, October 20, 2008

the passage of time is relative - scientifically!!!

the fabric of the cosmos by brian greene is BLOWING MY MIND (thank you willy!) - and taking a very long time to read as i can't get more then a few pages without risking explosion. did you know that the speed of an object's motion through time and space must equal the speed of light when combined? meaning: because stationary objects aren't moving through space, they are devoting all of their motion to moving through time - they are moving through time at the speed of light. this also means that objects moving through space are moving proportionately slower through time. so when you are plummeting through space on an airplane, you are actually moving through time at a slower rate then when you are on the ground. at great speeds, this can even be measured using a stop watch. something moving extremely fast will experience the passage of time at a slower rate then something that is stationary.

i'm not usually one for exclamation points, but: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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