Saturday, September 20, 2008

what makes someone something?

i love writing - does that make me a writer? on a certain level, the act of writing makes me a writer - it makes me 'one who writes' - but there's certainly a difference between someone who keeps a plant alive on their window sill and a gardener.

to be someone who is something - officially - must you have skill? is that what creates the difference, the true being of something? you cannot fly a plane unless you are a pilot - someone who has gained a certain amount of information on planes and flying them, someone who has put that knowledge into supervised action, someone who has passed the test - but anyone can move, write, sing, be someone they're not - which leads me to ask: what is working? sitting in a cubicle is working. delivering the mail is working. is sitting in my studio writing this BLOG entry working? who decides? what classifies working from not working? being given money for the act? the degree to which you like what you're doing? whether you choose to do it or whether it's forced upon you? whether it furthers your goals? must it be something that is not broken? it works!

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