Thursday, September 4, 2008

want to contribute? not sure how?

bridging wounds is largely about communication, perception, evolution, perspective, and the interconnectivity of things - i want to explore these concepts through human experiences, your experiences. i'd like to invite you all into an open dialog about the process, the concepts, the elements involved - will you share your brains with me?

many of you have expressed that you'd like to participate, but aren't sure how or where - visiting, supporting, commenting, or spreading the word are all wonderful and much appreciated ways. to chime in directly, click on the "comments" link at the bottom of any post.

i'm so thrilled by all of the interest, encouragement, and support i've received regarding the BLOG and the project. thank you!!


Chad (Futureboy) said...

I think I might have something to add.

I'm Chad...your neighbor across the street. You know, the one who tries to get everyone to laugh and keeps everything light and frothy! Well, it's 2:45 in the morning. Can't sleep and watching an Errol Flynn movie (ADVENTURE OF DON JUAN, not one of his best). When I watch it, it reminds me of how much I thought I was destined for work in it and create it. I'm 35 now...and that dream is all but died.

You know, I'm really jealous of you and Paurl...but in a good way. Both of you remind me of me when I was your age in Film School. In fact, Paurl has a remarkable resemblance to my best friend there Shannon, who was in a band as well. When I say in a good way though, it's not that I feel jealousy or contempt. It's that I'd like to see you both succeed because, in a way, it's like me succeeding as well. Selfish -- yeah, but it's true.

I wanted to put myself out there...think I might have done that!

paris said...

thanks, chad! i really appreciate you going out on a limb to contribute. it's always inspiring for me to hear you talk about film, to experience your passion and knowledge, to see your wall of movies and how you've organized them, to see how you think.

your posting sparked many questions in me - would you be willing to delve into these thoughts a bit more (either here or in a more private space)?

i'm very curious about how your dream to work in film has "all but died." is it because the dream shifted away from what you wanted/want or because of an impossibility placed in your path...? what made you feel destined for film then? what makes you feel differently now? how does being 35 effect these answers?

i realize these are very personal questions, so please don't feel obligated to participate. i definitely support you staying within your comfort level, whatever and wherever it is.