Saturday, April 7, 2012

andy goldsworthy

how have i not know about this man and his work before now?!? i can't count the times my jaw dropped when watching this film. i literally gasped at the magnificence and the beauty. multiple times. rivers and tides - a documentary following andy goldsworthy. SEE THIS FILM.

"when i make a work, i often take it to its edge of collapse...and that's a very beautiful balance."

"what lies below the surface effects the surface."

"words do their job, but what i'm doing here says a lot more."

he makes sculptures in nature using only materials he has found within that particular environment. they are all changed by time. some are incredibly transient - covered or washed away within only moments of completion. at times, he will spend hours with the work - meticulously building, crafting, shaping - only to have it all collapse before he has even finished.

what an incredible lesson in patience and dedication...i am in awe.

thank you, andy.

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