Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the threshold

from a group writing session - 7/10/11
prompt: at the threshold of a door to the outside – in the 3rd person
2 minutes

he looked out at the bright green pasture. open. free. limitless. he was in the safety of his home. comfortable. safe. it enveloped him. he didn’t want to leave out of fear. he wanted to take a step – and then another and another and another...
he wanted to run far and fast. lay (lie?) in the grass – feel the textures on his feet and hands, feel the sun and the open air. frolic even. yes, that’s right – he wanted to frolic. freely. he wanted freedom of expression. but he wanted to stay enveloped.

prompt: the threshold is crossed
2 minutes

he’s running.
he’s opening himself up – physically.
he’s aware of (and okay with) all of his body parts.

the doorway looks so small now. a small bubble where he tried to hide all his wounds.

if you hide your wounds, they turn on you – consume you, take you down, hold you there...

he’s running and light is pouring out of his wounds.

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