Monday, January 2, 2012

fear and time are funny things

this space is scary at night!!!! especially when going to the bathroom (which is in the hall just outside of the space itself), or leaving the building entirely. earlier, i held my pee for about an hour while psyching myself up to make it out the door.

what is that?? unknown, yes. in a busy area, yes. but it feels like more...

i'll just say this - the sage and candles and sweet grass have been burning...

and how is it that i can feel time so distinctly in a day and night sort of way in a space that has no windows...?? intriguing. so very interesting.

just noticing...

outside of my funny fear, THE SPACE IS AMAZING. i started the morning with a lovely dance class, then packed up a preliminary round of artifacts, tools, instruments, supplies, and spent the rest of the day/eve doing a bit of moving in.

i've heard it has been a crazy stormy day... (perhaps it still is?)

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