Monday, April 11, 2011


from the mouths of our incredible hosts:

> as of about 1 month ago, no one under 24 can attend a concert of live music

> our (male) host was ARRESTED for wearing yellow skinny jeans

> conservatism is rapidly on the rise: in 1999, 17% of the women chose to observe the covering of their heads with scarves. today, that number has risen to 70% of the population. i am told this is done because it excites and agitates the men to see a woman's hair - which, clearly, they have made the woman's responsibility. there are 80 million people in turkey.

> 2958 women have been killed this year. (we are not even 5 months in.) they are being shot down in the streets and no one is doing anything about it.

[waiting for a flight from skopje, macedonia - istanbul, turkey. photo by amy denio]


Zımbılik said...

Well actually that age 24 thing is about alcohol. If the event is sponsored by an alcoholic beverage company, minimum attandence age is now 24. Which is complete rubbish in my opinion.
where was your male hos arrested? and are you sure he was arrested just for his pants? Our police is kind of full of jerks but they don't usually arrest just because of pants. In Taksim you can see really "unorthodox" outfits.
Actually conservatism has never left the country. The government we have right now is a ideologically well-organized, well-motivated organism dates back to 80s. They started with kind of brainwashing adolescents(I had a neighbor). They slowly extended their movement in time, expoiting people's religious beliefs. It's like the hot water and frog story. And yes it seems like we are heading towards persepolis. Right now they locking almost every "opponent" up like journalists etc.And that percentage- more than half of that%70 are just suck-ups. They cover their heads, grow a certain style of mustache just for their own benefits.
I'm pretty sure that there are very few people who would be turned on just by hair. Even an idiot wouldn't be I think. That headscarf has become a symbol. I mean a man would be turned on by women's some certein body parts that is reasonable ok. But right now a new elite conservative population is growing and a weird thing, the cover their heads but their "curves" are still CLEARLY visable. They are starting to contradict themself in my opinion. And also it is not clear in The Quran as they claim it to be, that women should wear headscarves. "Inside the Quran" is a good documentary about it.
Unfortunately, we have a worse-than-broken-almost-none justice system right now. There are campaigns against domestic violance towards women but still it's not enough clearly. Well with this government there'll be no improvements on that subject.

Great show by the way =)

Jardjan said...

Next time stay longer and see the real face of Turkey ;)