Sunday, September 5, 2010

you're human, i'm human, we're all human

watched a silly movie yesterday and a passing comment from one of the characters stuck with me...

"he's got snot in his nose???!! but, he's famous!"

we really have created an environment where people who are known by lots of people cease to be people. we put them on a pedestal and deem them super human. they only show us their most put together selves, and we criticize them when we see the slightest thing outside of that. it ruins art, it ruins artists, it ruins audiences, it ruins people. this is no new concept, but as someone newly standing next to it in a different way, i want to offer another way of thinking about it, another way of participating in it.

being human is gross. we ooze, we excrete, we smell, we grow things, we hate, we're jealous, we're insecure, we resent, we fear, we just is. we just are. but really, it's just the idea of it that's good or bad, the idea of it that's 'gross.' the opportunity comes in how we choose to perceive, how we choose to act, what we choose to do with those things that just are.

i think we expect perfection out of others because we're trying so desperately to hide imperfections within ourselves. i know that's true for me, anyway. i often find myself judging others with the same harsh, superficial eyes i judge myself with. but once i learn to accept an aspect of my body, for instance, i accept it about other people's bodies too. it's never about anyone else, really.

as one of those people who is becoming known by lots of people and therefore not always thought of as a real person, i want to learn to not only accept, but love, my humanness and share the whole package - not just the shiny, polished, "finished" parts.

you're human, i'm human, we're all human. it is a shared experience.


Anonymous said...

Human P, keep the humanness coming, other humans are waiting...


Human K

t.d. said...

you are human too? i dont believe your words... your armpit hair looks a little bit extraterrestrial :)))