Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a theory

i once heard that the only thing separating humans from animals is choice beyond instinct. the level of truth in that is one thing - the implications, another.

choice beyond instinct really complicates things. it means possibilities are endless. it means possibilities are extremely limited. it means being able to ignore the true self, being able to spend seconds, weeks, years in / with / pursuing something that limits, something that detracts, something that promotes stagnation and sadness. it means being able to avoid situations / experiences / encounters that while seemingly fine / healthy / desirable / productive / fulfilling in the moment, are damaging down the line. it means the mind can take over. it means a reality can be chosen, avoided, or ignored altogether. it means informed choice - all avenues can be explored, all factors considered.

i think that's one of the secrets to being an evolved human, a wise human, a happy human: exercising choice beyond instinct without letting it get in the way of accessing instinct.

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