Friday, February 4, 2011

words from a 5 year old me

"now i'm gonna play you some hanukkah songs. these are really fun. these are like my most favorite to play."

"that was a fun little tune! and now, i'm gonna play another folk tune. and the speed is gonna go moderately. so, i'll play it kind of medium - kind of slow, kind of fast. you'll notice, also, that this is a little active tune, too."

"that was a dandy little tune! now, we're gonna play another song. it's a folk tune and it's in an allegretto speed."

"hi, grandma! i'm back again! now, i'm going to sing some songs for you like i told you i would. but i'm not gonna sing o christmas tree for you because i'm having a little problem with it. now, i'm going to sing one hanukkah song. it's called, my dreidel."


transcribed from a mixtape my parents made me for christmas - 90 minutes of myself singing and playing violin, ages 3-6. this portion was taken from a tape i made my grandmother when i was 5.

other gems include:

yamaha keyboard jams
classical violin jams for my grandparent's 50th anniversary
excerpts from a fiddle lesson
a voice lesson (age 3) where the teacher made me state words of my choice with increasing emotion:

pretty, prettier, prettiest
proud, prouder, proudest
calm, calmer, calmest
brave, braver, bravest


songs recorded at "center stage" (remember that recording studio in the malls for a while?) including:

the rose
somewhere over the rainbow
don't worry, be happy
zing went the strings of my heart
jailhouse rock

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