Sunday, September 6, 2009

paris' sweat shop

i recently had one of those birthday type things and being the schemer i am, tricked some friends into helping me build parts of the set by calling it my party. (in all fairness, i did call it my 'birthday work party')

and then a couple days later, some of them actually came back for a second round!

i have truly amazing people in my life, that's for damn sure. so much thanks to these amazing people and to iacoli&mcallister for letting us use their studio space.

me and loc experimenting with a mock-up attachment method for the "v-screen"

people had a surprisingly difficult time with the post-its seems i summoned every orderly control freak in my life for this task - and that's coming from a totally neurotic obsessive/compulsive control freak.

loc and day had to school everyone on the post-its application system
(there's even a video)

the tulle painting station

me and paurl, hard at work. seriously.

to the left, we have our post-its application station

loc, ezra, paurl, and adam are scheming a hanging method for the visqueen layers
(really, i think adam's just standing there)*

gus and a very happy edward, gluing post-its

a sick beth who got out of bed to come help out, my awesome neighbor, karla, and the friend she literally tricked into coming by not mentioning the "work" part of said birthday party

adam, thinking way too hard about gluing post-its. his brain short circuits when there isn't perfect order. by the end of the night, he was just sitting in a chair reading the stranger. oh adam...*

jamie, the other beth, ezra, and me divising some sort of plan about something, i'm sure

my rad neighbor, karla! and i&m products in different stages of development lining the background

ezra and his 33 year old elmer's glue

ezra and romson holdin' down the late night shift

paurl and me contemplating at the NWFF
(apparently, people like taking pictures of my back...??)

the set mid-install

the NWFF is showing films nightly, so we're installing as much as we can behind their screen until our full install the week of the show.
when we're done for the day, we lower the screen and our set completely disappears like it doesn't exist.
our secret little world...

my bag, sweater, and 1st (of 5) bridging wounds notebooks. each serves a different purpose. this one only has 2 pages left! i started it in august 2007. some would say that is so very virgo of me.

*disclaimer: adam is my brother and i love him

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