Saturday, May 23, 2009

promo photo shoot with tilla and bruce

last week - or rather 2 weeks ago, at this point - tilla kuenzli (costumes), bruce tom (photography), and i took over the frank agency headquarters to create a small segment of the bridging wounds world.
3600 post-it notes. hand placed. one at a time.

a haircut and some extra dots became necessary.

this is the first prototpye of my costume:

a handfull of shots from the shoot:

the winners:


julia said...

these pictures are gorgeous!

Will said...


maegodw said...

you are AMAZINGLY beautiful and sensational and the only friend like you i have.
miss you so much,can we skype soon? got a lot of important stuff to talk about.

you are doing and i am doing what we said we would do last summer over the coconut ice cream and the omelettes.

i love you...