Tuesday, March 17, 2009

no more grants!!

for now...

last night i met with paurl, amanda, and jamie to start filling in the details for the 1st work-in-progress showing (to be held at the henry art gallery as part of their open floor series on april 21, 7pm). we've got a movement study, more animation, new music (to be played live by alex guy (viola), beth fleenor (clarinet), sam boshnack (trumpet), and maybe others), a prototype of a projection screen, and a collection of activities in the works.

today, i'm working on movement. after so many years of not dancing, i'm having to retrain my body to do what my mind is telling it to do - an interesting process that feels really great, but certainly comes with its frustrations.

jamie just sent me a 3D rendition of new screen ideas - it's super cool and will be composed of string. lots of string.

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